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01.22.2019 | Category, Blog

Duties paid by a company on shipments imported to the United States can be substantial. If these products are ultimately exported, they may be eligible for a 99% refund of duties.  Did you k...
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An Announcement for Fuel Surcharge

01.16.2019 | Category, News and Announcement

Month Fuel Surcharge(%) February, 2019 5.50% January, 2019 6.25% December, 2018 7.00% The Fuel Surcharge is applied to shipping (freight) rate only. When Online discount applied, it will be apllied to the rate after di...
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YAMATO and Bell Helicopter have announced a joint collaboration to lead the way in developing electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles for parcel delivery. In other words, unm...
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